Adopt an Elephant



Adopt an Elephant

Adopt an Elephant Gift Package.

Elephants are one of the most majestic and important mammals on the planet.  They are an essential part of our environment and the eco system in Africa and Asia.  Elephants appeared around 65Million Years ago and have evolved on this planet for an eternity.  There was no likelihood of them becoming extinct until the last 100 years.  In such a short time humanity managed to almost extinguish these ancient mammals.  Hunted into near extinction for their ivory tusks we have been lucky that we have pulled back from the brink.

This gift allows you to adopt a Kenyan Elephant and at the same time support the long term protection and conservation of Elephants in the Wild and in Captivity.  Thats because we donate a percentage of the purchase price for each Gift Package sold  to a  Elephant Conservation and protection Charity.   Such as the Born Free Foundation .  This means that when you purchase this item , you are having a direct impact on the conservation of Elephants so that they are around to be enjoyed forever more.

In this gift you will receive a 12 Month adoption

  • Elephant Adoption Certificate
  • Fun Facts about Elephants
  • Elephant Habitat and Conservation Sheet
  • Welcome Letter introducing this Gift
  • Donation to Elephant Charity with each Sale
  • Hologram of Authenticity
  • Company Embossed Seal on the Certificate


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