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Yes, you can.  Our symbolic adoption gift packages allow anyone to adopt one of a range of wild animals from the choice available

Yes and no.   Yes because each adoption is based on a Wild Animal we have been aware of through the travels of our founder.  However as these animals are wild, so in a nutshell, no you cant actually adopt the specific animal that you choose.  Instead you are symbolically adopting them and giving your support to their ongoing survival in that manor.

Dependant on the species the animal could literally be in its natural habitat anywhere on the globe.   For reference purposes we always list the place that we became aware of the specific adopted animal and when it was last spotted.

Each person that purchases an adoption Gift Package will receive one of our Exclusive adoption Gift Portfolios.  Bursting full of content all about the animal that they have chosen,  alongside you unique adoption Certificate.     Plus you will be able to take pride from the fact that we have donated 20% of the final selling price to various Animal Conservation and protection Charities – Using the Work for GOOD UK


We are a registered UK Gift Business.

Proud to be part of a range of gift companies such as www.starnaminggifts.co.uk and www.uktitles.co.uk

They are operated to provide a great selection of unique and unusual gift products for customers to enjoy.

We donate 20% of the ultimate selling price * as a donation to Wild Animal Conservation Charities.

 We use the  Work for Good UK charity platform to provide this donation on a yearly basis.

Donations planned this year include to the Born Free Foundation, Tigers4ever.org and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.  Again this is through the work for good UK platform.

The charities themselves agree that they are happy to receive the payment once a year through  Work for Good UK


The 20% of the Selling price is calculated as the actual price the customer pays in GBP – minus any promotion fees or charges from marketplaces or discounts received or similar fees.  It does not include a % of the postage price paid as this is a cost we pay directly.  If there is a variance on the price of the items sold, we will do our utmost to round up as close to 20% of the price paid as possible .  We do not wish to cause offence to anyone if they misunderstand how we donate.  Our aim is always to provide an amazing gift product and do good at the same time.  If in doubt reach out to us for more information via email.

Each Gift Package is for a 12 month (1 year) symbolic adoption of your chosen animal.  This is our most FAQ frequently asked question.

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