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Are you looking for a unique gift idea? 

Our animal adoption gift packages make the perfect gift

Each package includes a personalised animal adoption certificate, pictures of your chosen animal, and information about their habitat and behaviours.

You can choose to adopt a variety of animals, including Elephants, Tigers and Dolphins!

Not only will you be giving a thoughtful gift, but you’ll also be supporting animal conservation efforts. takes a percentage of the purchase price and they give this to a relevant animal conservation charity.

These organisations provide protection, and conservation efforts across the globe.

They also provide food, shelter, medical care, and enrichment activities for these amazing creatures.   All donations are made to the charity via the work for good UK charity platform.

Don’t forget that inside each gift package, there is an Adoption Certificate, Facts about your Chosen Animal, Pictures,  Facts on their Conservation Efforts,  Photos and artwork that can be enjoyed.  

A great Gift for Animal Lovers, and anyone who wants to do something good for the future of these amazing animals.

So, whether you want to surprise a loved one or simply treat yourself, our animal adoption gift packages are a wonderful way to make a difference!

Take a look at the Gift Packages below by clicking on the relevant link at

Dolphins, Tigers and Elephants are available to be adopted by clicking the link below

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