Adopt a Rhino Gift

Rhino Adoption

Looking to make a difference in the world and help protect a vulnerable animal species? 

Consider adopting a rhino!

 By visiting our website at, you can browse through our selection of Adoption Gift Packages including rhinos. 

Choose any of the animals that are in need of support and care. Your adoption gift will not only help provide the necessary resources to protect rhinos from poaching and habitat loss, but it will also help fund vital conservation efforts.   

This is through the donation we make to a Rhino Conservation Charity called “Save the Rhino International”.  This donation is 20% of the sales from each Rhino Adoption Gift Package we sell.  Donations are made via the  Work for Good  Charity Platform

Your adoption gift contains a unique Rhino Adoption Certificate,  Photos, Information and Facts about Rhinos and much more.

Plus, you’ll be able to display your adoption certificate proudly as a reminder of the positive impact you’re making. 

Show your love for animals 

Help protect such a beautiful and majestic creature – adopt a rhino today through our website!